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Collages created from AI on display in Southern Light Gallery at AC

René West and Mark Penland have been creating collages ever since they could hold scissors, but on their present-day digital odyssey they don’t need scissors.

West, associate professor of photography at Amarillo College (AC), and Penland, a freelance photographer and photography lab manager at Tarrant County College’s Northeast Campus, are now creating art with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Southern Light Gallery to feature Christopher Hudson’s Crop Circles

Dr. Chris Hudson has long been drawn to the boundless crop circles that airline passengers cannot help but see blanketing the Great Plains, so much so in fact that he has drawn them – painted them, too.

But it was not until Hudson, an assistant professor of English at Amarillo College, began downloading and digitally embellishing images of crop circles that his handiwork proved truly satisfying.

Amanda Tinker’s exhibit at Southern Light Gallery reflects nature’s beauty

Amanda Tinker uses a large-format camera and historic processes to create evocative images of uniquely arranged elements in nature – photographs that will be on display for several weeks at Amarillo College’s Southern Light Gallery.

Tinker, who was shortlisted for the Hariban Award, International Collotype Competition in 2018, will display her series, Small Animal, Nov. 21 to Jan. 26 at the College.