Intramural Sports



Basketball League

Basketball will begin on Monday, February 3rd.  Our league is coed and is open and free to all AC students.  Games are played at the Carter Fitness Center on Monday evenings.  To sign up, download the free IMLeague app to your phone or go to  Create your team in IMLeague by January 30th or sign up as a free agent to play in our league.  



Gotcha is a campus wide game of tag and is open and free to all AC students! Each student will recieve a photo of another random student and a can of silly string.  Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to track down your target and "tag" them with the silly string.  The catch... Someones looking to "tag" you as well!  To sign up, download the free IMLeague app to you phone or go to  The deadline to sign up for Gotcha is April 16th.  You must attend one of the two mandatory rule meetings to play Gotcha!  The meetings are held in the Carter Fitness Center room #117 on Monday, April 20th at 11:45am and 5:00pm.  Gotcha will be played on April 21st and 22nd on Washington Street Campus. 


Softball League


Softball is a coed sport and is open and free to all AC students and will be held every Monday night beginning on Monday, March 30th at 5:30pm!  This league will last until April 20th.  To sign up, download the free IMLeague app to your phone or go to Team registration is due by March 27th. 


Soccer Tournament

Soccer is a one day tournament that will be held on Saturday, May 2nd beginning @ 12:00pm at John Stiff Park!  You can sign up for Soccer by downloading the IMLeague app to your phone or by visiting  It is free and open to all AC students.


Sand Volleyball

Our Sand Volleyball tournament is a coed event and open and free to all AC students!  It will be held on Saturday, May 9th beginning at 12:00pm.  You can sign up for the Sand Volleyball tournament by downloading the free IMLeague app to your phone or by visiting



Schedule of Events


Amarillo College Intramural’s Mission


            The goal of intramural' at Amarillo College is to provide the opportunity for sports and games between students to help in creating that well rounded alumni who not only comes to school to accomplish their academic requirements for degrees and certificates but also to provide an arena for engagement.  Intramural Sports enhances academic success by promoting and reinforcing leadership qualities, teamwork, personal accomplishment, mutual respect, integrity, competition and recreation, as well as skills and exercise.  Participation doesn’t require superior skill levels or previous sport experience; there is a place for everyone from the novice to the advanced competitor.   






Sign up for League Play at IMLeagues or by downloading the IMLeague App! 


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Interested in participating in Intramural Sports or need additional information? Please call 806-371-5965.


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