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Weekly Challenge

Every week during Spring II of 2020 a new weekly challenge will be posted on IMLeagues.  Create your account on IMLeagues and enter yourself as a team in the Weekly At Home Challenges and see if you can beat you all of your peers to these unique physical challenges.  New challenges are set every Monday.  So check back every week.  The prize? A $10.00 gift card to some of your favorite restaruants.  Just do the most/best/longest or whatever the challenge ask for and submit your attempt to #AC_weeklychallenge to instagram by 5:00pm on Friday of that week and you could claim your victory.  You can also check here to see what's expected every Monday.


Risk: Global Domination

Like the board game Risk?  Well join us on Thursday's playing on the Risk: Global Domination app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.  To get into the game create an account on and sign yourself up as a team in Risk.  Every Thursday from April 2nd thru April 23rd at 6:00pm you can play your fellow AC peers.  Winners from each night will win a $10.00 gift card to one of your favorite restaruants.  Sign up and check your email often for updates and lets have some FUN! 


Wellness Wednesday's


Miss the Wellness Wednesday post on Instagram and Facebook?  Check back here everyweek and find the links to the videos so you can find your wellness fix for this remainder of the spring 2020 semester.


Fitness Friday

Miss the Fitness Friday video on Instagram and Facebook?  Check back here everyweek and find the links to the videos you may have missed so you can keep you fitness levels up with our fitness video selections.

Friday, March 27th video:  Cardio Starter -


Schedule of Events


Amarillo College Intramural’s Mission


            The goal of intramural' at Amarillo College is to provide the opportunity for sports and games between students to help in creating that well rounded alumni who not only comes to school to accomplish their academic requirements for degrees and certificates but also to provide an arena for engagement.  Intramural Sports enhances academic success by promoting and reinforcing leadership qualities, teamwork, personal accomplishment, mutual respect, integrity, competition and recreation, as well as skills and exercise.  Participation doesn’t require superior skill levels or previous sport experience; there is a place for everyone from the novice to the advanced competitor.   


                 Any student enrolled at Amarillo College may participate in AC’s intramural leagues, tournaments and special events as long as the student is enrolled in at least 1 hour, including dual credit students. All Amarillo College faculty and staff are eligible for participation. Continuing Education students are not eligible for participation.  Alumni who are no longer enrolled at AC are not eligible for participation.  When competing in NIRSA regulation events, only students who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours and in good academic standing may be eligible for participation. 







Sign up for League Play at IMLeagues or by downloading the IMLeague App! 



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Interested in participating in Intramural Sports or need additional information? Please call 806-371-5965.


Trent Square

Trent Oneal
Coordinator of Intramural Sport

College Union Building
Office #011A
Phone: 806-371-5965
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