The Theatre Arts program at Amarillo College is dedicated to providing students with a quality education supported by an abundance of invaluable practical experiences. The program prioritizes giving all students opportunities beyond the stage, as well. The program is affiliated with the Texas Educational Theatre Association and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, so AC students receive invaluable workshop, network, and research opportunities in association with numerous other colleges/universities.  These connections facilitate the ease of transfer for students to four-year programs around the nation.


What can you do with a Theatre degree?

Theater majors go on to successful careers in the arts, business, education, government, performance, publishing, and much more. Many, of course, dream of performing for a living. However, skills acquired along the way also prepare graduates for a variety of jobs in theater, film and music, as well as any number of theater-related businesses and enterprises.


Follow your path to a Bachelor's Degree

Pick the pace that works best for you. Transfer in as little as four semesters.

Theatre BLOCK (Arts & Humanities) 
60 hrs. Gen. Studies AS
1ST Semester 16 hrs
1st 8-week class
EDUC 1100 (1 hr.) FYS Learning Frameworks 1 hr.
ENGL 1301 (3 hrs.) Freshman Comp. I 3 hrs
SPCH from approved list 3 hrs
16-week classes
MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics 3 hrs.
2nd 8-week class
DRAM 1351 Acting I 3 hrs
HIST 1301 US History I 3 hrs.
2nd Semester 14 hrs.  
1st 8-week class
ENGL 1302 Freshman Comp II 3 hrs.
DRAM 1330 Stagecraft I 3 hrs
16-week class
BIOL 1408 Biology for Non STEM majors 4 hrs.
DRAM 1120 Practicum I 1 hr
 2nd 8-week class
HIST 1302 (3 hrs.) U.S. Hist. II 3 hrs.
3rd Semester 14 hrs
1st 8 weeks
GOVT 2305 (3 hrs.) U.S. Government 3 hrs.
PSYC 2301 General Psychology 3 hrs
16-week class
BIOL 1409 Biology for Non STEM majors 4 hrs.
DRAM 1121 Practicum II 1 hrs
2nd 8 weeks  
DRAM 1352 Acting II 3 hrs
4th Semester 16 hrs.
1st 8-week class
ENGL 2311 Technical & Business Writing 3 hrs
LPC credit 3 hrs.
CA Transfer credit as needed 3 hrs
16 weeks  
DRAM 2120 Practicum III 1 hr
2nd 8 wks  
GOVT 2306- Texas Government 3 hrs
DRAM 1341 Stage Makeup 3 hrs