Are you getting ready to graduate high school, or are you returning to school to try out new horizons? Are you interested in pursuing a degree in Theatre Arts, but need a little help financially to realize your dream?

Then, maybe you belong here at Amarillo College’s Theatre Arts Program.  We have a longstanding tradition of excellence as well as a first-rate placement of our students in a wide-variety of theatrical professions. Our program has received regional awards and national accolades, so rest assured you will receive the very best education here at TheatreAC.

If you are interested in attending AC next year and are looking for a superior education with excellent scholarship offerings, come join us for the annual scholarship auditions. Please visit the Amarillo College Foundation's webpage, fill out the application for scholarship by clicking here, and be sure to claim Theatre as your major.  Additionally, do you know about the Kody Hodge Foundation and the upcoming Kody Hodge Scholarship deadline?  This new scholarship has a deadline of March 31st for application, and auditions for the scholarship will coincide with TheatreAC's regular auditions in May.  For more information, please visit

Our next round of scholarship auditions will be May 2, 2020, at 4:00PM, and will take place in the Experimental Theatre on Amarillo College's Washington Street Campus.  Click here for a Google Map of our location.

Performance auditionees should be prepared to present two contrasting monologues not to exceed two minutes.  Production/Design auditionees should bring a resumé and any pertinent portfolio materials.

If you've further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ray Newburg by emailing him at