2022-SP Checking for Understanding


Checking for Understanding




In this cohort, we will explore ways to plan, distribute, and analyze assessments.  We will start with intentional design and alignment of objectives to truly check for mastery of a concept.  We will identify how formative and summative assessments can be used to assess student understanding. Then we will apply strategies to write rich multiple-choice questions and analyze the outcome and results of the assessment.   

Professional Learning Outcomes (PLO):

In this PLCohort, participants will be able to

  • Evaluate and reconstruct current learning objectives.
  • Evaluate, reflect and modify a current MC exam
  • Compare formative and summative assessments
  • Analyze and reflect on data.




2/4/2022; 2/11/2022; 2/18/2022; 3/4/2022; 3/25/2022; 4/29/2022



Professional Learning Points:

125 points



At the conclusion of this PLCohort, participants will have engaged in many discussions over checking for understanding. They will pick at least one strategy and incorporate it into a lesson in the upcoming session. Participants will share a short presentation with peers showcasing how they used this strategy in their lesson. They will then complete a final reflection and future action plan.

Teaching & Learning Effectiveness Documentation Questions
Deadline for the Deliverable Form is 5/13/2022. 

Presented by:

Michaela Dodson - Instructional Designer

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