Concept Map


Concept Map

A concept map is a visual organizer that is used to enrich students' understanding of the content in the class. They engage students in answering questions such as, "What is it? What is it like? What are some examples?" Concept maps deepen comprehension of a topic. 

There are many variations of a concept map. 

  • Modeling how to identify major ideas or concepts presented during class.
  • Organize ideas and content into categories.
  • Create flow charts that connect the content to prior knowledge and upcoming learning. 
  • Use the concept map to summarize what they have learned.

You first must determine the concept that you would like the students to focus on in the lesson. You can then create a graphic organizer to guide students as they are learning during the lesson. They can add their thoughts to the graphic organizer. At the end of the class, students can share their reflections either in a whole group discussion or small group discussion highlighting key learning points from the day. They can then use this tool to come back throughout the course as a reference. 

Use the same concept as in class, however, give students a copy of the concept map through Google Documents. They can then share their work using a padlet or flipgrid during class discussions.


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