Muddies Water and Greatest AHA


Muddies water

Muddy points and aha moments are quick easy ways to check for understanding and misconceptions.

After main ideas have been taught, have the students stop and write their muddy point - something they still dont quite understand or have questions about and write an aha - at least one thing they learned that surprised them or stuck with them. You can quickly check for understanding. This assessment gives you a picture of misconceptions and confusion that still exists in the students mind.

Give students 1-2 minutes to write a muddy and aha point after going over some main ideas.  Call out on different students to hear theirs and clarify where needed.  This can also be done as an exit ticket and given to you at the end of class.  Muddy points can be the beginning of the next lecture/class.

Same idea as above.  Muddy and Aha points can be posted on a jamboard, done in a google form at the end of class or shared out in zoom/google.

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