In a Think-Pair-Share, a problem is posed, students think alone about the question for a specified amount of time, then form pairs to discuss the question with someone in class, usually a teammate. During Share time, students are called upon to share the answer with the class as a whole.

Sometimes students are held accountable for listening to their partner because during share time they are called upon to share the answer they heard from their partner. 

Kagan, D. S. (1994). Cooperative Learning. Resources for Teachers, Inc.

Start by posing a problem. Then give students adequate think time to develop their personal thoughts. Pair students up either by having them move about the room or by the person they are sitting next to. During pair work students will both share their individual thoughts and create a cohesive thought toward the prompt. Lastly, you will call upon the groups for them to share their responses as a whole group.

  1. Problem Posed

  2. Think Time

  3. Pair Work

  4. Share with Class

The same idea as above except you can create breakout rooms for students to pair up then bring them back as a whole group.


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