Amarillo College Distance Education

The Distance Education Program provides access to Amarillo College courses and support services for students separated by time and physical location from traditional classroom settings. Distance Education courses have the same features as on-campus courses in terms of learning outcomes, academic quality, credit hours and transferability. Courses may be delivered through television (telecourses), interactive video or totally/partially online.

Distance Education classes are noted according to the method of delivery:

  • Traditional: Instruction delivered 100% face-to-face contact with the instructor. A disclaimer will be added to all traditional course offering information to alert students they are expected to use computers with internet capability to enhance their learning.
  • Online: Instruction delivered 100% over the Internet. (Note: Does not require a student to come to an Amarillo College campus for any portion of the course.)
  • Hybrid: Instruction delivered 50% online and 50% conducted though face-to-face contact. (Note: Seat time will be reduced by 50% when scheduling classrooms.)
  • Enhanced Online Course: An online course that requires a student to attend face-to-face instruction that does not meet the hybrid course definition. (Note: Any course that has more than 50% and less than 100% in an online component.)

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