Teaching is an exciting profession with a wealth of personal rewards!


''People who work with children and young adults are very special.  Texas is in need of more highly trained and educated teachers of all ages.   At Amarillo College there are many options toward becoming a certified teacher. Please look through our webpage to see if one of the degree plans we offer meets your needs. For further information please contact our office in Dutton Hall, Room 102 at 806-345-5585.

Potential education majors need to know that some areas of teaching are in more demand than others.  Competition is high in many areas such as coaching and working at the elementary level so keep this in mind when choosing your career goal.  A student can increase their chances for employment by selecting one of the high need areas for certification such as math, science, bilingual, ESL or special education.

If you love working with young children many jobs are available to those with credentials. The associate degree in child development can lead to a position as a lead teacher, director or an owner of a small business. Agencies such as Child Protective Services, Child Care Licensing or the Texas Workforce Commission hire these majors.

The advisors and instructors in the Education Department can help you navigate the many options available. Contact us in Dutton Hall, Room 102 at 806-345-5585.  If you have previous college work, have a transcript with you as well as your questions and concerns on how to get started into a satisfying career.

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