Amarillo College Honors Program

Students who excel have two options:

  1. Honors courses in high-demand subjects for academically-prepared students;
  2. A learning community called Presidential Scholars that gives high achieving and motivated students the opportunity to participate in student-centered learning experiences that promote intellectual growth, cultural appreciation, professional focus, leadership development, and civic participation.

Honors Option

  • Students self enroll with GPA of 3.0 or 90% out of high school
  • Courses offered in high demand subjects
  • Smaller, more interactive classes

Presidential Scholars Option

  • 15 students admitted each school year
  • Students must apply for admission and complete an admissions essay and interview
  • Students represent top 10% of high school classes
  • Students complete four courses designated as "Honors" and take two semesters of Scholars seminar during their first year at AC
  • Students receive special scholarships and incentives for participation

For more information on Honors classes or the Presidential Scholars Program, please contact Jill Gibson at or Leslie Ingham at