Mentoring Program

The Amarillo College Mentoring Program is committed to supporting first generation, low income, and academically at-risk students on their path to completion.  Students are empowered by mentors to navigate their way through their personal, academic, and career development.

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Housed in Student Life, the Mentoring Program consists of our ACE & Caprock faculty/staff mentoring model and community mentoring partnership with Rotary Club & Amarillo Women's Network.

First-year ACE Scholarship recipients and 2016 Caprock graduates automatically receive a faculty/staff mentor.  

2nd year students are eligible to receive a community mentor in a field related to their mentor.  Click here to apply for a Community Mentor!

Are you an Amarillo College faculty or staff member?  Become a Mentor!



Contact us for more information:

Calee Follins, Coordinator of New Student Programs
College Union Building 009  
(P) 806-371-5467
(F) 806-345-5517

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