Become a RN Preceptor to Nursing Students

The mission of the ADN Program at AC is to prepare students for professional nurse licensure and entry-level practice in response to community needs.

The ADN Program Philosophy includes faculty beliefs about nursing, education and the graduate.


Nursing is a dynamic and evolving profession which is characterized by the provision and coordination of holistic patient-centered care within the health care system.  The role of the professional nurse is to assist in the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health through a systematic process and to enhance the safety and quality of patient care through communication, clinical reasoning, interdisciplinary collaboration, and use of information systems and technology.  The unique role of the associate degree nurse is to provide and coordinate safe, compassionate, comprehensive nursing care as an interdisciplinary healthcare team member for patients and families within communities along the developmental lifespan.  The practice of nursing is guided by a concern for quality of life and respect for human value, integrity, and diversity as well as an ethical/legal framework and professional standards and requirements.


Nursing education is a process involving the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of nursing and combining evidence-based data with clinical excellence to improve the quality and safety of holistic patient-centered care.  Students take a proactive role in this process by assuming responsibility and accountability for their own learning.  Faculty facilitates this process by guiding, encouraging, and inspiring students to develop a spirit of inquiry, professional identity, clinical reasoning, and practice competency.  Students and faculty share a personal and professional commitment to student success and nursing education as a lifelong learning process.

Being a Preceptor

While faculty members guide the learning process, it is the RNs working in the healthcare facilities who the students look up to as a working, professional role model. As a preceptor to nursing students you will be one of the most influential people in your preceptee's nursing career. This can result in a mutually beneficial student/preceptor relationship as the preceptor demonstrates expertise with advanced critical thinking and clinical reasoning and the student gains knowledge and confidence in developing clinical skills.