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Happy Election Day & Tuesday Bluesday!

We want to celebrate by awarding a Badger who voted. Visit our Facebook Page, find our Election Day post, and comment a photo of you wearing your AC Blue and I voted sticker, to be entered in a drawing to win a Giftcard Bouquet!



Student Life is committed to our students and part of that committment is helping our Badgers exercise their right to vote. We want to provide as many useful resources as possible for students to feel comfortable and empowered when they go to vote. Explore, ask questions, and remember Badgers vote!






City Of Amarillo Propositions

These propositions will be included on the 2020 Ballot for Amarillo City Limits residents.

Proposition A

A complete renovation of The Civic Center to include:

  1. Build a new 75,600 SF contiguous exhibit space

  2. Build a new state of the art arena that will seat up to 10,100

  3. Create a new and larger ballroom

  4. Create new areas for pre-convention gatherings

  5. Build a new commercial food-service kitchen

  6. Renovate the historic Santa Fe building so it can be actively marketed as part of the amenities offered to Civic Center leasees and patrons

  7. Create an expanded outdoor central plaza for community gatherings and pre-event activities

Propostion B  

Four-year staggered terms for city council members. We currently elect our council members every two years for concurrent two-year terms. The proposition recommends that Amarillo follow other cities in Texas and implement four-year staggered terms so that approximately one half of the council is elected every two years. 

Propostion C

Twenty Four required meetings per year for City Council. Currently, its required that the Council meet every single week. The change would mean the Council may be allowed to meet anytime business needs to be done but at least 24 times a year. 

Which Political Party Did You Side With?

Unsure about your own poloitical stance? Check out the two questionaires below and find out where you lie on the politcal spectrum.

What to learn more about the differences between the political parties? Check out