West Campus - Academic Success Center

The West Campus Tutoring Center serves students studying the Nursing and Allied Health on Amarillo College's West Campus. The goal of the Tutoring Center is to help students to be successful independent learners. The tutoring staff is comprised of professional and peer tutors that offer course specific resources, study tips, help with organization, time management and teach test-taking strategies unique to health sciences education.

Amarillo College students with or without a prescription from their instructor are welcome at the Tutoring Center. To view your prescriptions click HERE.


Building D, Rooms 105
(806) 354-6020 

Building B, Lab 112
(806) 356-3651



Building D, Rooms 105

  • Nursing and Allied Health
  • Appointment Preferred
  • Individual or Group Sessions

Building B, Lab 112

  • Walk-In/Appointment
  • Individual or Group Sessions


(806) 354-6020 

Anna Min Esquibel

Anna Min Esquibel, BSN, RN, Tutor Coordinator

Anna Min Esquibel serves as the Tutor Coordinator for the Amarillo College Health Sciences. She has been a registered nurse since 2002 and has worked as a pediatrics and float nurse (medical-surgical floors, critical care unit, Emergency Room, and Labor and Delivery). Anna Min has been tutoring for the past four years and loves serving the students on West Campus. Her life-long loves are for learning, handstands, and her family.



Tammy Bjork

Tammy Bjork, ADN, RN, Full-time Professional Tutor

Tammy Bjork graduated from the Amarillo College ADN program in 2013 where she received an award for “The Most Outstanding Student.” She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

Tammy has worked in several area of nursing including: BSA Surgery as a OR RN, Amarillo Endoscopy as a GI Nurse, and Amarillo Diagnostics (BSA) as a float nurse: areas include Endocrine, GI, Pulmonary, Sleep Study, Women’s health, Neuro.

Tammy loves tutoring all subjects and helping students practice mental gymnastics through creative ways of thinking. She also tutors NCLEX preparation for students that have graduated and have not yet passed the exam. She finds that watching students learn is a privilege.

Tammy loves spending time with her husband and family. She is a mother of four grown children and actively engaged in her church and community, singing with the Holiday Pops Amarillo Symphony.



Walter Adams

Walter James Adams, ADN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Walter Adams graduated from the Amarillo College ADN program in December 2018 and is taking classes towards his bachelor’s degree. He currently works at BSA as a registered nurse and tutors all health sciences with a focus in nursing. Walter merges his role as tutor with mentor; he loves to challenge and inspire the students he works with, learn their dreams, and help them discover their unique qualities that will aid them as a nurse and as a person. Walter enjoys being with his family and friends, exploring with a telescope, bike riding, reading, writing, pondering, and making the most of life at all times.



Angie Downs

Angela Downs, MSN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Angela got her start at Amarillo College, graduating from the Associate Degree Nursing Program in May of 1993. She has over 25 years nursing experience primarily in medical-surgical nursing, but has also worked in long term care and home health. She has over 15 years of experience in healthcare education as well. She taught Health Science Technology for 8 years at Randall High School in Amarillo before attending graduate school at West Texas A & M University. After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education from WT, she taught in the Associate Degree Nursing Program here at Amarillo College for 7 years. She has a certificate from the Texas Education Agency to teach Health Science Technology in grades 6-12 and is currently teaching Health Science and Medical Terminology full time at River Road High School in Amarillo in addition to tutoring part time here at AC. She loves teaching and mentoring students, particularly those new to the health care field or “beginning students”. She says, “Nursing is my passion and teaching is my calling.”

Mrs. Downs is married and the mother of 5 grown children and grandmother of 10. She enjoys spending as much time with her husband and family as possible in her leisure time. She loves summer time, being outdoors, and camping and fishing with her family.



Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris, ADN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Crystal Harris graduated from the Amarillo College LVN program in Spring of 2016 and then from the ADN program in Fall of 2017. She works at BSA as a registered nurse and tutors all health sciences with a focus in nursing. Crystal is the first in her family to go to and graduate from college. Throughout her nursing programs she found herself having to figure out different ways to effectively study and understand new information. She enjoys tutoring because she can help others through the same process and be successful in their classes. Crystal enjoys crafting, shopping, and spending time with her family.



Kari Lopez

Kari Lopez, MLAB, Part-time Professional Tutor

Kari Lopez graduated from Amarillo College’s Medical Lab Tech and Phlebotomy programs and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas to be a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Kari tutors the MLAB classes and labs and medical terminology. She has always been a strong learner, and she loves sharing more efficient ways for student to learn and succeed. Kari values the importance of preparing the “next generation” of healthcare providers to be ready to save lives. Kari’s favorite job is her role as a mother and enjoys baking and crafting with her two sons. She loves yoga, reality T.V., outdoor adventures, and mid-day naps.



Elizabeth Ogbonna

Elizabeth Ogbonna, BSN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Elizabeth Ogbonna graduated Amarillo College’s LVN program in 2014, then Texas Tech School of Health Sciences in 2017 to attain her Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing, and she expects to graduate with her Master’s in 2020! She currently works at Northwest Texas Hospital and tutors all health sciences. Elizabeth loves sharing her knowledge with students and has joy when she sees those students improve and be successful. Elizabeth loves to travel, cook, crochet, cross-stitch, volunteer and spend time with her family.



Julie Rambin

Julie Rambin, BA, ADN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Julie Rambin holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English from Texas A&M and graduated in December 2019 from the ADN program where she was awarded the honor of highest GPA. She is now working at BSA as a registered nurse and tutors all health sciences with a focus in nursing. She enjoys helping students understand concepts and achieve mastery and believes the best reward is when a student finally believes in their own abilities and no longer feels overwhelmed by their coursework. Julie’s interests include world literature, microscopy, sewing and embroidery, Agatha Christie novels, British and Irish comedy, and her cat, Tad.



Noemy Sepulveda

Noemy Sepulveda, RCP, RRT, Part-time Professional Tutor

Noemy Sepulveda graduated from Amarillo College’s Respiratory Care Program in 2019. She currently works at Vibra and tutors respiratory care sciences here at AC. Noemy knows the program can get very stressful and enjoys getting to know and helping the future respiratory therapists through it. Noemy’ interests are in Tascosa High School Rebel football and basketball, reading, and volunteer coaching for Kids Inc. in volleyball, tennis, and cheerleading.



Danielle Wilkins

Danielle Wilkins, ADN, RN, Part-time Professional Tutor

Danielle Wilkins graduated from the Amarillo College ADN program in 2019 and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree through Arkansas State University while working at Amarillo at BSA as a registered nurse. She tutors all health sciences with a focus in nursing and enjoys giving back to the AC nursing community by helping other students become successful. As she balances working and going to school, Danielle loves raising her three daughters.



Citaly Zamarripa

Citlaly Zamarripa, RT(S), Part-time Professional Tutor

Citlaly Zamarripa graduated from the Amarillo College Sonography Program in 2019 and tutors sonography part-time. Citlaly likes helping students grasp new concepts and develop study strategies, and she learns something new every time she sits down with a student. She is never bored! Citlaly enjoys experiencing new things and being creative.



Meagan Baca

Meagan Baca – Nursing Student, Part-time Peer Tutor

Meagan Baca is a peer tutor for the nursing programs at Amarillo College. She will graduate from the ADN Nursing Program in 2020. Meagan enjoys tutoring because she believes success has nothing to do with what you do for yourself, but what you do for others. She knows college is hard, and she wants to help others through it. Meagan enjoys reading, journaling, and drinking way too much coffee.



Not Pictured


Blakely Meek – Nuclear Medicine Student, Part-time Peer Tutor

Blakely Meek is a peer tutor for Nuclear Medicine, is currently working on her Associates Degree from Amarillo College, and plans to graduate from the Nuclear Medicine Program in May of 2020. Blakely sees tutoring as a rewarding experience; she enjoys helping students understand new concepts, especially material that she also struggled with. Blakely loves spending time with her family, friends, and her dog, Ray, in her precious free time.



Kathlyn Srader

Kathlyn Srader – Nursing Student, Part-time Peer Tutor

Kathlyn Srader is a Level I ADN Student at Amarillo College and tutors Introduction to Nursing and Pharmacology. Kathlyn explored psychology and social work before finding her place in nursing. She enjoys helping others work through material in a way that makes sense and is beneficial to them. Kathlyn enjoys cooking, gardening, and hunting.



Tana Roberson

Tana Roberson – Nursing Student, Part-time Peer Tutor

Tana Roberson is a Level I ADN Student at Amarillo College and serves as a peer tutor for Introduction to Nursing and Pharmacology courses. She benefited from tutoring in her introductory level courses and hopes to help others in the same way. Tana holds a Master’s in Fine Arts in Theatre stemming from her education at Oklahoma Baptist University and the University of Georgia. Tana loves her time with her family; she has three kids: Quinn (7), Peyton (5), and Luke (2). She enjoys theatre, art, and being creative.



Cristina Ramirez

Cristina Ramirez, Professional Tutor


Lynn Mitchell

Myrum Lynn Mitchell, M.Ed., Part-time Instructor – Bldg B, Lab 112

Lynn Mitchell holds a Master’s degree of Education and tutors Medical Terminology, ESL, and for the GED in the Access Learning Center. Lynn values providing a safe-environment for continuing education learners; she enjoys helping students reach both their short-term and long-term career goals. Her family is greatest joy!



Lisa Soper

Lisa Soper, B.S., Part-time Instructor – Bldg B, Lab 112

Lisa Soper obtained her Bachelor’s degree of Science from West Texas AMU and is currently working on her Master’s in Education – Instructional Design. She taught Science for several years before coming to AC. She tutors medical terminology, Biology, A & P, Microbiology, CNA classes, and is happy to assist students on research papers. Lisa enjoys helping students gain the confidence they need to be successful! Lisa is an avid book collector and reader and collects first edition Stephen King novels; she also enjoys acrylic painting, skiing, camping, fishing, and outdoor activities. Lisa and her husband have three children and seven grandchildren.