After Graduation...

Hello fellow Veteran and thank you for your service! 

               Now that you are close to graduating or completing your degree and preparing to find employment, the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) and Workforce Solutions Panhandle (WSP) want to assist you in finding the job you want.  WSP offers many services like job referrals, resume/interview/social media workshops, and certain training opportunities.  WSP is contracted by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to provide the largest job-matching database in the State, (WIT).  We understand the AC Career Center offers similar resources and has a representative from WSP on site a couple days a week to help with resources and answer questions. 

                However, as a Veteran, there is a little more you can do to ensure your success.  The TVC has two employees located inside the WSP employment office.  In the past, these two positions were commonly referred to as “Vet Reps”.  In actuality, these two positions serve two distinct purposes. 

                First is the Veterans Career Advisor (VCA), who helps eligible Veterans overcome Significant Barriers to Employment (SBEs).  The VCA assists you, 1 on 1, to obtain and retain long-term meaningful employment.  To qualify for the VCA’s services a Veteran had to serve 181 or more days of Active Duty,  have a discharge other than Dishonorable, and have an SBE such as: a VA disability rating(or pending claim), low income, ages 18-24, homeless, and others. 

Please contact WSP, AC Career Services or the VCA for eligibility requirements. 

                The second TVC employee is the Veterans Employer Liaison (VEL), who advocates on behalf of all Veterans and encourages the hiring of qualified Veterans to local employers.  So even though the VEL works mainly with employers, there are times when an employer wants to hire a Veteran but does NOT want to place a job posting in WIT.  This is when the VEL finds qualified Veterans to refer to these employers.

                Follow these steps to answer the million dollar question: How can this help me get a job?

Step 1: Register in

Step 2: Make a complete WIT profile showing all of your training, jobs, military experience, education, and type of occupation you are seeking.  (Too much information is better than too little.  You are doing this for three reasons: 1-you will match to more jobs in the WIT system, 2-employers can also search for candidates, and 3-the VEL searches through Veteran’s WIT profiles/resumes when trying to find a specific qualified Veteran for an employer.)

Step 3: View your resume in WIT.  This is what the VEL and employers see.

Step 4: Have a squared away “regular” electronic/paper resume.


                Following these steps will ensure you are taking full advantage of these resources available to you.  Doing this does not guarantee a job, but it is another tool in your arsenal to help you make yourself successful.