Getting Your VA Education Benefits Started

TIP: All blue words are hyperlinks to the respective webpage. 

Step 1:

  • Apply to Amarillo College
  • Start with Success Center Advising.
  • College Transcripts-official trancripts from all institutions attended must be on file.
  • Keep in mind All courses must be required for your program.
  • Developmental courses must be taken in a classroom. Online developmental are not reportable.

Step 2:

   *** TOE=FOR Post 9/11 only transfer to dependents-must have 6 yrs AD and commit to 4 more yrs. at the time of  transfer.

Step 3:

  • Visit with Veteran Services or select Every Semester for an online option.
    • An Enrollment Request Form must be completed every semester to receive benefits.
    • Bring an Updated Certificate of Eligibility with you.

List of required documents,to provide to Veteran Services, these are provided by the student.

Benefits will not be submitted if all documents are not on file with this office by the 2nd semester.

  • DD 214 MEMBER 4-If you don't have on  click on DD 214 to request from the National Archives.
  • NOBE if currently on active reserve or guard status.
  • College & military transcripts-Military transcripts- Select the respecive branch to order: Army, Marines, Navy & Coast GuardAir Force
  • Certificate of eligibility. VA will mail this to you or you can login to

If using Hazlewood Act, all supporting documents must be submitted to Veteran Services at the time application has been made. Eligibility requirements and application can be found at 

Step 4:

  • You may also apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  MGIB-Chpts. 30,1606,1607,35 Post 9/11-Chpt 33 VR&E-Chpt 31 Hazlewood


Student responsibility

30-Active Duty


1607-R/G called to AD-has ended


Paid by VA to the institution.  If rate of pursuit is not 100% student is responsible for the remaining balance and any Out of State Tuition/Fee costs.

All tuition and fees

Paid by the VR&E directly to the institution.

150 semester hours Tuition/most Fees exempted. Must provide proof of non-eligibility of Post 9/11 benefits.


Student Responsibility

VA will pay student $1000/yr or $41.67 per credit hour.

Books and supplies

Paid by VR&E to the institution.


Monthly Stipend

Determined by the number of credit hours enrolled in and which chapter approved for.

CHPT. 30= FT=$1994


1607=2+yrs $1595



FT=$1368/month approximate

Online only-$825/month approximate

To receive BAH must be enrolled in MORE than half time for the term.



Will increase with dependents.


If eligible for Post 9/11, can receive the same BAH instead of the above rate.




Exhausts when 150 hours are completed and /or for dependent children when they turn 26.


Can transfer to chapter 33 and carry over unused time.

(36 m 10yrs from ETS to use it) 

Once elected can’t transfer to another chapter.

 (36m 15 yrs from ETS to use it) Veterans discharged Jan 1, 2013 and later do not have a delimiting date.


Must have a 10% service connected disability rating.

Exemption is entered for 1 academic year. Must fill out a renewal form after first use.