Amarillo College Dual Credit

The last day to drop a dual credit class for Spring 2020 is April 30, 2020.

Summer & Fall 2020 Registration begins April 6, 2020.   
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Section Name

Short Title Start Date End Date Faculty Name  
ARTS-1301-DC001 Art Appreciation 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Weingart Robert S WEB
BCIS-1305-DC001 Business Computer Applications 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Kenney Lynne A WEB
ECON-2301-DC001 Principles of Macroeconomics 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Moore Shelby N WEB
Principles of Macroeconomics 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Moore Shelby N WEB
EDUC-1100-DC001 FYS - Learning Framework 5/26/2020 7/30/2020 Burton Becky K WEB
ENGL-1301-DC001 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Frazer Catherine A WEB
ENGL-1301-DC002 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Ortega Pamela L WEB
ENGL-1301-DC003 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Winter Michael C WEB
ENGL-1301-DC004 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Wilson Melissa K WEB
ENGL-1301-DC005 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Woodard Chassidy M WEB
ENGL-1301-DC006 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Herr Joyce A WEB
ENGL-1301-DC007 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020 Giles Carolyn R WEB
ENGL-1301-DC008 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020    WEB
ENGL-1301-DC009 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020    WEB
ENGL-1301-DC010 Composition I 5/26/2020 7/2/2020    WEB
ENGL-1302-DC001 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Frazer Catherine A WEB
ENGL-1302-DC002 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Ortega Pamela L WEB
ENGL-1302-DC003 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Winter Michael C WEB
ENGL-1302-DC004 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Wilson Melissa K WEB
ENGL-1302-DC005 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Woodard Chassidy M WEB
ENGL-1302-DC006 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Herr Joyce A WEB
ENGL-1302-DC007 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Giles Carolyn R WEB
ENGL-1302-DC008 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020    WEB
ENGL-1302-DC009 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020    WEB
ENGL-1302-DC010 Composition II 7/6/2020 8/13/2020    WEB
ENGL-2311-DC001 Technical & Business Writing 7/6/2020 8/13/2020 Creery Luci L WEB
GOVT-2305-DC001 United States Government 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Adams Larry G


GOVT-2306-DC001 Texas Government 6/8/2020 7/30/20 Adams, Larry WEB
HIST-1301-DC001 United States History I 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Decker Stefanie L WEB
HIST-1302-DC001 United States History II 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Fauss Eric  WEB
HUMA-1301-DC001 Intro to the Humanities I 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Edford Kristin L WEB
MUSI-1307-DC001 Music Literature 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Nies Camille D WEB
PSYC-2301-DC001 General Psychology 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Norman Jason A WEB
SOCI-1301-DC001 Introduction to Sociology 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Uselding Sarah E WEB
SPCH-1315-DC001 Public Speaking 6/8/2020 7/30/2020 Llewellyn Jacqueline A EOL


The Amarillo College Dual-Credit Program's mission is to create a cooperative partnership between a high school and Amarillo College through which a student may be awarded both college and high school credit in courses that meet the requirements of both institutions.


The high school  identifies students who are eligible for dual-credit courses and recommends courses that potentially qualify for dual-credit. Students who meet specific eligibility requirements of both the high school and Amarillo College will be permitted to enroll in those Amarillo College courses specified in the dual-credit agreement and to simultaneously earn credit toward high school graduation and college credit.

Dual Credit is governed by rules of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Education Agency and Amarillo College.  Policy and Procedures 


  • Build confidence by easing the transition to college by experiencing the rigor of college with the dual support of the high school and the college.
  • Accelerate time to degree completion by getting a head start in college – dual credit students can earn up to a year or more of college credit.
  • Transfer many dual credit courses to Texas public colleges and universities, private institutions, and many out-of-state colleges and universities.
  • Save money on college tuition.
  • Access Amarillo College student support services...library, career services, disability services, computer labs, and tutoring.