Diplomas & Degrees Program

The Amarillo College Diplomas & Degrees program is a partnership between Amarillo College and a local high school that participates in Dual Credit that allows qualifying students the opportunity to earn their Associate's degree in General Studies at the same time they are working towards their high school diploma.  Students will take all of the dual credit courses that are offered at the participating high school, and take concurrent college courses at Amarillo College.  The Diplomas & Degrees program is only available to students that attend a partnering high school.  Students will be billed at the dual credit rate ($50 per credit hour) for dual credit courses offered at the high school, and all concurrent courses are billed at the regular tuition and fees schedule.

Students must meet all of the following criteria to be accepted into the Diplomas & Degrees program:

1.  Apply for admission at Amarillo College.

2.  Take the TSI Assessment in reading & writing, and score at college-level in both areas.  

  • If a student does not score at college-level on the first assessment session, a student has one retake for each section.  If a student does not score at college-level after the retake(s), he/she must wait 90 days to take the TSI assessment again.

3.  Submit a completed Diplomas & Degrees Approval Form.

Amarillo College currently offers the Diplomas & Degrees program at the following high schools:
   Adrian High School
   Amarillo Collegiate Academy   
   Amarillo High School
   Ascension Academy
   Bushland High School
   Canyon High School
   Caprock High School
   Dumas High School
   Highland Park High School
   Palo Duro High School
   Randall High School
   River Road High School
   Stratford High School
   Sunray High School
   Tascosa High School

Homeschool students may participate in the program, but will need to sit down with the Academic Outreach Advisor for a semester-by-semester plan.

For additional information please contact the Dual Credit office at 806.371.5941.

Concurrent Students

Students who wish to take college courses that are not dual credit are considered concurrent students. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for concurrent enrollment:

1. Apply for admission to Amarillo College if not currently a dual credit student

2. Prove college readiness by any of the approved testing options.  TSI Assessment

3. Provide a letter of permission from high school counselor.

4. If class in on campus student must be 16 years of age.

5. Contact the AC dual credit office for registration. 

For additional information please contact the Dual Credit office at 806.371.5941.