Eligibility Requirements

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has established guidelines for admitting students to a dual credit programs

Eligibility Requirements

Dual Credit is regulated by both the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Amarillo College policies. To be eligible for dual credit a student must:

  1. Comply with Texas Success Initiative testing requirements concerning eligibility based on testing. Tests that may be used to  determine eligibility are TAKS, EOC, PSAT, PLAN, ACT, and SAT. See "Testing Requirements."
  2. Meet established entrance requirements at Amarillo College as well as appropriate prerequisites for any course.
  3. Complete an Application for Admission to Amarillo College. 
  4. Pay the cost associated with taking a college dual credit course as established by contractual agreement. Amarillo College charges $50 per college hour. A three hour class cost $150, and a four hour course will cost $200.