Financial Aid Implications

Dual Credit May Effect Financial Aid

Dual Credit students should be aware that failure to successfully complete the courses in which they enroll could, in some circumstances, make them ineligible to receive federal student aid at Amarillo College per the AC Satisfactory Progress Policy.

When a student applies for federal student aid at Amarillo College, the Financial Aid Office evaluates all previous grades made by the student at AC. This includes Dual Credit courses. The student's previous academic history at Amarllo College must reflect at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and at least an 80% course completion rate. Any course in which  an F, I, X, N, or an AU was received does not count as a completed course. AU is the same as dropping a class.

Students who do not meet these criteria are placed on financial aid suspension, and are not eligible to receive Federal Title IV student aid until the student's suspension status has been changed. Following policy and procedures as stated in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy may change a student's suspension status. It is best, however, not to go on suspension. Every school is required to have a satisfactory progress policy.