What are Dual Credit Courses?

Amarillo Colleges’ Dual Credit program offers qualified high school (or homeschooled) students an opportunity to earn college credit while completing high school requirements. Dual Credit courses are only $50 an hour.

What Dual Credit Courses are offered?

Dual Credit Courses are offered in a variety of subject areas including math, science, English, economics, history, government and a wide variety of technical courses. Dual Credit courses are taught either at the college or at the high school. Courses are taught by college faculty or by qualified high school instructors who meet the same criteria as college faculty. If you are interested in a Dual Credit course, check with your high school counselor for a complete list of available courses. Dual Credit academic courses are transferable to all Texas public colleges and universities and to most private and out-of-state institutions.

Core curriculum will transfer to any public university.

Who Can Enroll?

To enroll in Dual Credit a student must:

Apply and be accepted to Amarillo College and

Comply with Texas Success Initiative testing requirements.

All students are subject to assessment testing as required for admission purposes.

Meet established entrance requirements at Amarillo College as well as appropriate prerequisites for any course including testing requirements..

Pay the cost associated with taking a college course(s) as established by contractual agreement.