Amarillo College Faculty Senate

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to cultivate cooperation and understanding among the faculty, to make recommendations to the President of Amarillo College on policies that affect instruction and general faculty welfare, to make recommendations on general policy, and to offer a line of communication with other constituencies of Amarillo College. The Senate functions to promote quality instruction, professional integrity, and other contributions to the College as a whole.

BGC Administrative Organization Plan
Board Policy Manual

2018-2019 Membership



Dr. Mary Dodson, Professor - English (2018-19)


Karen White, Associate Professor - Developmental Math (2019-20)

Vice-President / President-Elect

Dr. Nathaniel Fryml, Instructor - Music (2019-20)



Other Members


Dr. Kati Alley, Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing (2020-21)

Dr. Daniel Ferguson, Professor - English (2020-21)

Tammy Holmes, Instructor - Mathematics (2019-20)

Amanda Lester-Chisum, Instructor - Dental Hygiene (2020-21)

Robert Johnson, Instructor - Industrial Technology (2019-20)

Robin Malone, Assistant Professor - Legal Studies (2020-21)

Sarah Milford, Instructor - Licensed Vocational Nursing (2018-19)

Brandon Moore, Assistant Professor - Biological Science (2018-19)

Dr. Bill Netherton, Professor - English (2018-19)

Kim Pinter, Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing (2019-20)

DeeAnne Sisco, Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing (2018-19)

Sarah Uselding, Assistant Professor - Criminal Justice (2019-20)

Dr. Dave Van Domelen, Assistant Professor - Physical Sciences (2020-21)

Walter Webb, Instructor - Industrial Technology (2020-21)