Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical laboratory technologists may function behind the scenes, but at Amarillo College they learn that the work they do is exciting, varied and vital to the quality of a patient's healthcare. Students in the program at AC participate in practicums in clinical laboratories, not only within the city of Amarillo but in other towns and cities throughout the Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico. They emerge from the program well-prepared to meet the challenges of a profession that is vital to healthcare everywhere.

Medical Laboratory Technology

What can you do with a Medical Laboratory Technology degree?

Professional medical laboratory technologists are trained to conduct lab tests ordered by doctors and other healthcare providers, working with human bodily fluids and tissue samples to determine diagnoses and identify abnormalities. They will work with microscopes, computers, and other automated laboratory machines, keeping detailed records of the data. About half of all medical laboratory technologists are employed in hospitals. Others work in doctors’ offices or diagnostic laboratories.

Enter the Workforce with a Two Year Degree 

First Semester Prior to Admission
ENGL 1301 - Composition I 3 hrs
PSYC 2301 – General Psychology 3 hrs
MATH 1314- College Algebra 3 hrs
HITT 1305: Medical Terminology 1 3 hrs
SPCH 1318- Interpersonal Communication 3 hrs
BIOI 2401 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 hrs
First Fall semester
MLAB 1201: Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science 2 hrs
MLAB 1572: Hematology/Coagulation 5 hrs
PLAB 1223: Phlebotomy 2 hrs
First Spring Semester
MLAB 1211: Urinalysis/Body Fluids 2 hrs
MLAB 2573: Immunology/Immunohematology 5 hrs
PLAB 1164: Practicum 1 hrs
Summer Semester  
MLAB 2434: Microbiology 4 hrs
Second Fall Semester
MLAB 1231: Parasitology/Mycology 2 hrs
MLAB 2267: Practicum 2 2 hrs
MLAB 2232: Seminar in Medical Laboratory Technology 2 hrs
Second Spring semester  
MLAB 2472: Seminar 2 4 hrs
Language, Philosophy & Culture or Creative Arts 3 hrs