Severe Weather Procedure

Weather Safety

In the event Amarillo College is in receipt of information, such as a weather warning that may affect any Amarillo College property, the information shall be provided to the appropriate College personnel to allow for adequate preparations. Specific guidelines are found in the individual annexes and appendices.

Notification Procedures

In case of severe weather, an announcement about closing Amarillo College campuses for the day can be found by 6:30am on AC’s website, AskAC phone lines and in an “everyone” Outlook e-mail. The media will also be notified. If there is no announcement, campus is open.
Decisions on canceling night classes will be made by 3pm in the afternoon and any closings will be announced on AC’s website, AC Connect, AskAC phone lines and in an “everyone” e-mail. Again, if there is no announcement, campus is open.
If AC closes due to severe weather, all Amarillo campuses will close. No classes will be in session and no employees will be expected to work unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor. Decisions on closing Hereford and/or Dumas will be made by the Dean of those campuses and the announcements will specify those campuses.
Employees who were scheduled to work that day will be granted emergency leave for the time the campus is closed.