Traffic & Parking Regulations

Every person operating a motor vehicle on Amarillo College campuses is responsible for obeying all College regulations and city and state laws regulating traffic and parking. The legal speed on campuses is 10MPH. We will issue citations to anyone driving over curbs, on lawns or sidewalks and the violator will be responsible for damages.

The Department will report three citations within an academic year to the appropriate administrative office. Further violations may result in the impounding of the offender's vehicle, and/or loss of privilege to park on campus property.

  • Abandoned vehicles: It is a violation of College regulations for a motor vehicle to be parked and left unattended for more then 72 hours on College property. Such a vehicle is subject to disposal as prescribed by law.
  • Vehicles parked overnight: Amarillo college will not be responsible for any vehicles parked overnight on college property. Department personnel patrol the campus areas; however, AC is not responsible for any damage, vandalism, or theft of vehicles unattended over night. Persons leaving a vehicle overnight should notify the Department of the location of the vehicle.
  • Student Parking: It is a violation to park in a fire zone, block vehicles, or park in a driveway or any area which is not a designated parking space. Any vehicle parked in such a manner as to constitute a nuisance may be towed away at owner’s expense.

    Motorcycles may be parked in designated areas without a permit. Bicycles must be secured by chain or lock to bicycle racks. Illegally parked bicycles will be impounded.

  • Visitor/Handicap Parking: Visitor parking is limited to 45 minutes. At no time can students or employees park in a visitor parking space. Holders of faculty / staff permits also cannot park in the visitors parking spaces. Visitor and handicapped parking will be strictly enforced.

  • Citation Payments/Appeals:

    • Payment of traffic citations must be made within seven days at the following locations: Washington Street Campus, AskAC Counters located at; West Campus, Lecture Hall; or East Campus, Administration Building. Failure to pay the citation within seven days will double the fine, place a hold on College records, and bar future registration.
    • Appeals must be made following the Policies and Procedures in the Student Rights and Responsibilities. Failure to appeal the traffic citation within seven days waives the appeal process.

Amarillo College Traffic Citation Appeal