Culture Of Caring

Amarillo College has established a nationally recognized Culture of Caring to support our students to success. Through data-supported intentional actions, Amarillo College is dedicated to addressing student-defined needs, eliminating barriers, and loving our students to success. 
Below, you will find a few resources that share our story and can aide you in creating a Culture of Caring on your own campus. 

Those Who Shared Our Story

The Atlantic - When a College Takes on American Poverty

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Food, Child Care, Rent: This College Goes the Extra Mile to Serve Low-Income Students

Wisconsin HOPE Lab - Supporting Community College Completion with a Culture of Caring: A Case Study of Amarillo College

Resources to Create a Culture of Caring on Your Campus

Download: Amarillo College No Excuses Poverty Initiative Strategy Guide

Download: Culture of Caring Handbook

Our Story in Action


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Cara Crowley, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives