Mission and Values


Enriching the lives of our students and our community.


Create a No Excuses philosophy through actions which display the following values: 

  1. Caring through WOW 

    Every student and colleague will say "WOW, you were so helpful, supportive, and open" after an interaction with us. 

  2. Caring through FUN 

    We will find ways to have fun with each other and celebrate each other. 

    We will find ways to make our work fun and effective.

  3. Caring through INNOVATION 

    We will see ourselves a "roadblock remover" - for students and for each other. 

    We will always look for ways to help others and improve our processes. 

  4. Caring through FAMILY 

    We will find ways to show we care about our student and each other. 

    We will readily and effectively share information with each other. 

    We will approach our interactions with each other with trust and openness. 

    We will put the needs of others before our own. 

  5. Caring through YES 

    We will think "yes" first and find solutions rather than finding "no." 

    We will be passionate about our jobs and helping each other.



We will ensure a 70% Completion Rate by 2020

Core Purpose

At Amarillo College, we help each student to succeed.



  • Goal 1: Expand Student Success
  • Goal 2: Ensure Student Access
  • Goal 3: Collaborate with Partners in the Community
  • Goal 4: Ensure the College’s Future