President's Cabinet

Institutional Standing Committee


The Cabinet is the central coordinating committee for all college operations. The members advise the President and assist with the day-to-day operation of the college within established policies and regulations.

Permanent members on the Cabinet are: The President as Chair, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Business Affairs, Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, and Vice President of Employee & Organizational Development.

Meetings of the Committee are schedule by the President as needed.

  • Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, President
  • Mark White, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
  • Robert Austin, Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Cara Crowley, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives 
  • Kevin Ball, Vice President of Communications & Marketing
  • Steve Smith, Vice President of Business Affairs
  • Dr. Tamara Clunis, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Denese Skinner, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Cheryl Jones, Vice President for Employee and Organizational Development