WHAT IS RADIATION THERAPY?  Radiation Therapy is the the use of radiation to treat cancer. There are three primary modalities for cancer treatment--surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Our students train in state of the art cancer treatment facilities to become Registered Radiation therapists, in accordance with our program Mission and Goals.

For all information relating to applying for our program (which includes information about how our program works, degree plans, general education requirements, entrance requriements, estimated costs, other FAQ's, and pretty much everything else), see the left-side menu area marked Application Materials-START HERE or click on the link below: Application Materials-START HERE!
Radiaiton therapy generic imageAmarillo College Radiation Therapy offers 100% (Academic) ONLINE OFFERING NATIONWIDE!*  While there are other accredited programs that include an online component, we believe we are the first and ONLY JRCERT accredited not-for-profit online radiation therapy program! 
 *Not available in New York and New Jersey. Void where prohibited.  It is worth noting that there are a couple of online programs in existence, but, while their UNIVERSITY is accredited, their radiation therapy programs are NOT accredited! The ONLY radiation therapy program accrediting agency is the JRCERT (see left side menu "About our Program", then click "Accreditation and other Professional Links" for more information)

Note: Academic courses are 100% online, Clinics are still "brick and mortar" and are ONLY available Mon-Fri 7:45-5:00, for 2 to 3.5 days per week (depending on the semester) at a local hospital or clinic live (not online).  Students enrolled in Radiation Therapy (or any healthcare program) are expected to be taking full-time course loads during the program. Part-time enrollment is NOT an option for any healthcare program  . Still, this means it can be possible for a student living far away (out of state, but within the United States) to enroll in our program and complete the program while not having to move to Amarillo! We will still accept students in the Amarillo area, as we have been doing in the past--though all academic classes will be online.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
To find and download the complete information/application packet, please see the left-side menu, "Application Materials"

Note: the 16 month "Advanced Standing" program for already registered radiographers is not currently available! Only the 21 month program (one extra semester, 8 sem credit hours) is currently available. We hope to be able to offer the 16 month Advanced Standing for graduates of an accredited radiography program who are ARRT certified for Fall 2017. However we will not know if we have approval for this until June 2017. Until such time as formal approval is granted for Advanced Standing, students should expect to enroll in the 21-month program

Current Clinical Site locations:  Amarillo TX, Lubbock TX, Tyler TX, Clovis NM, Phoenix AX ,Tallahassee FL, Reno NV, Hutchison KS, Salina KS, Decatur Il, Ft. Wayne IN, Oklahoma City OK,  Roswell NM, New Orleans LA. 

Radiation Therapy Nation-Wide Job Growth Projection: http://www.medicalkidunya.com/articles/careers-with-the-highest-projected-employment-growth/ 

Student Support Services that are Available