Transfer Students

All students who transfer to Amarillo College seeking a certificate or degree, must submit official copies of the transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities.

  • Transfer students who are not enrolling to complete a degree or certificate need only submit an official transcript from the last school attended.
  • Transfer students who are in good standing at the last attended institution will be admitted unconditionally.
  • Transfer students who complete enrollment at Amarillo College and are later identified as being on academic suspension from the last school attended, are subject to administrative withdrawal with forfeiture of tuition and fees.

Transcripts must be sent directly from previous colleges and universities or hand-delivered by the student in a sealed envelope. All official documents submitted for the purposes of enrollment at Amarillo College will become part of the student record and the property of Amarillo College.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students entering Texas public colleges and universities to be assessed for reading, mathematics, and writing skills before they enroll in any collegiate course work for credit, unless exempt

Mailing Information for Official, Sealed Transcripts:

Registrar's Office
Amarillo College
PO Box 447
Amarillo, TX 79178


Digital Transcript Submission:

Please request digital transcripts be sent to the following email address:

If a first and last name is required for a “To” field please enter “Registrar Staff”

Please Note: Emails sent or forwarded by the student containing a college transcript will not be accepted. Official college transcripts must be sent to Amarillo College by the sending institution or the National Student Clearinghouse.