Manufacturing Education Center -- East Campus Renovation

This renovation project will include a new addition that provides an elevator with new restrooms on both floors. Office areas will be completely renovated and lab areas will be enlarged. The electrical system will be completely renovated. New rooftop HVAC units and unit heaters will be installed that will eliminate an old boiler system. New windows will be installed around the perimeter of the building, and new lighting will be installed throughout the building for better energy efficiency. Also, this facility will be brought up to current ADA standards.

Renovations begin.

Building V    Building V
Building V   Building V
Building V   Building V
Building V   Building V
Building V   Building V
Building V   Building V

Building V

Building V\

Building V



New doorways are framed.



Renovations continue throughout the building.



New walls start to go back up.



The ground is prepared for the installation of a new elevator.


The new elevator and stairwell take shape as construction continues.














New plumbing is installed on the south side of Building V.



Progress is made on the new elevator and stairwell.



Renovations continue throughout the building.

Cutting a new door frame   New electrical room

   New light fixtures

    New electrical panels




The new addition for the elevator and restrooms is near completion.

Classrooms are completed on the 2nd floor.



The east side of the 1st floor renovations are near completion.

Hallway   Office
Welcome Center   Break Room


Renovations on the west side of the building continue.



New signage is put in place on the Manufacturing Education Center.

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