ADA / Paving Projects


ADA Projects/Paving Projects

Purpose: To bring College properties into ADA compliance and complete assorted paving projects and roadway reconfigurations on various campuses.

• January 2021 – Architect Shiver Megert Associates completed design of new connector roads at the West Campus. Design was submitted to the contractor. Notice to Proceed is pending. Also, the College has discussed several paving projects on the Washington Street Campus with the City of Amarillo and is awaiting City decisions on those. 

• November 2020 – Regarding connector roads at West Campus, AC received contractor’s final paper work and a Notice to Proceed was issued on 11/16/20. The City of Amarillo has invited the College to present the Washington Street proposals to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission. The architect is reviewing ADA violations and will prepare corresponding construction documents.

• October 2020 – Construction of Connector Roads at West Campus is 60 percent complete. The City’s Parks and Recreation Commission approved additional parking south of Lot 10. The project now awaits approval by the Amarillo City Council.


WC Paving 3

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