Student Services Center


Student Services Center Renovation and Addition, Washington Street Campus

Purpose: To assemble all student service activities in a common location (Russell Hall) on the Washington Street Campus.

• January 2021 – Schematic floor plan was presented to committee, which deemed the departmental “flow” did not work as intended. A new plan will exclude Student Services Vice Presidents and the Registrar’s Office from the move to Russell Hall. This will provide more space for offices that work with students. This new plan is under review.  

• November 2020 Architects completed programming stage of the project, which will move all Student Services to Russell Hall. They next plan to prepare schematic floor plans for committee reviews.

• October 2020 Architect Dekker, Perich & Sabatini presented three conceptual ideas and subsequently met with directors of each department affected by the move in order to determine the needs and wants of each.


SSC Revised March 2021