INTRODUCTION - Bond Election Projects

Mid-year, 2006, planning for a potential bond election began.
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  • Initially, Internal and External Capital Needs Assessment Committees were established to identify the needs of the college that would allow continued growth for AC. 

  • Committee individuals reviewed the 2002-2008 Facilities Master Plan, toured facilities, compiled information and, in August, 2006, submitted a report of their findings with the recommendation for AC to pursue a bond election. 

  • Meanwhile, AC and architectural firm Shiver-Megert & Associates, LLP continued to finalize work on the AC Master Plan, Facility Programming and Consulting. 

  • In mid 2007, College personnel studied committee findings and applied the information as it related to the goals of the AC Master Plan and AC Strategic Plan. 

  • In August, 2007, the AC Board of Regents approved calling for an Amarillo College District $68 million bond election and community representatives pledged full support of that effort. 

  • Amarillo Globe News quoted regent Lilia Escajeda, stating “This is a bold and important move for Amarillo College that will have a far-reaching impact. It boils down to what’s good for the community.”   
Because AC receives no state funds for facilities and maintenance, local taxes are the only source for buildings and upkeep. It was not long before a full campaign was launched to encourage the citizens to learn about and foster this bond election. Information was presented through radio, print, and verbally by a variety of individuals. 

See architect video rendition of future Nursing-Dental
Health Center
to be located at West Campus


Two major purposes for the election were identified:

  • Increase the number of nursing and other healthcare professionals to meet the current and future demand of area hospitals and healthcare providers

  • Update existing facilities, including classrooms and laboratories, as responsible stewards of taxpayer-owned properties

See additional information on the Proposed Projects page.

October, 2007

  • radio campaign began on FM-90 to provide details of the election

  • over 61 bond presentations were made in the community

  • AC employees were informed on the purpose of the bond election and a yard sign campaign began by "Friends of the College"

  • Nancy Abraham stated in her letter to “AC is an important asset to Amarillo and surrounding area.” She continues by saying “Amarillo residents cannot afford to let AC fall behind in its resources to train our valuable and much-needed professionals, most of whom remain in this area after training.” 

  • The KVII web site quotes Dr. Steven Jones as stating “We want to expand and increase training for nurses and healthcare professionals. We also want to expand our allied healthcare.” Jones says that aside from healthcare, the other big issue for AC is upkeep of its learning facilities. Regarding upkeep of facilities, Jones states “Some buildings are 70 years old ...  It’s time to step up and take care of those investments that have already been made or they’ll be at risk.”

  •  Election date set - November 6

  • Campaign for support continues 

  • Early voting scheduled from October 22 through November 2, 2007


On November 6, 2007, the proposed $68 million bond issue was passed by voters of the Amarillo College District, 6,459 for and 3,704 against. Taxpayers will see an increase of $2.66 per $100 of property owned by residents. 

After the bond election:

  • AC Board of Regents approve a proposal to select a Construction Manager- at-Risk to oversee the Bond construction projects by utilizing the two (2) step process
  • January, 2008, ad was placed requesting statements of qualifications for Construction Manager-at-Risk services from qualified firms for projects listed in the 2007 Bond Election. Deadline for submissions - January 31, 2008
  • Following the deadline, qualification packages were opened and reviewed by a Selection Committee established by the AC President
  • A short list was created from the qualification packages consisting of the top three (3) firms and interviews of each firm were conducted
  • After interviews, the top three (3) firms were requested to submit proposals (RFP) documenting their fees for the total Bond project
  • Proposals were opened - February 14, 2008
  • February, 2008, after reviewing proposals from the top three(3) qualified firms, the Selection Committee brought the recommendation of Page & Associates, as best qualified and best value to AC, to the Board of Regents for approval
  • AC Board approved the recommendation of the Selection Committee
See the Proposed Budget  for Bond Projects.

The 2007 Bond Election projects have been scheduled to span a five year period. AC will continue to make every effort to supply information and new details as the projects progress. 

See the Proposed Projects List for more details and plan to check back at this site often for additions and updates.