HVAC Infrastructure

HVAC Infrastructure Replacement, Washington Street Campus

Purpose: To upgrade chiller plant and increase chiller water-pipe system.

• January 2021 – The committee decided to locate a new water-cooled chiller plant in Parking Lot 8, which is directly north of the Science Lab Building. The project will include four new water-cooled chillers and increasing by about one-third the amount of water loop piping on the campus. Construction documents are being prepared.  

• November 2020 – The design team presented a water-cooled option and continues to weigh the efficiency and life expectancy of water-cooled chillers.

• October 2020 – Architect Lavin Associates (which has since become Sims Architects) and sub-consultant Brown Consulting Engineers prepared a model of the Washington Street Campus chilled water loop to determine optimal flow and pipe sizing for the chilled water system. The team determined to look at multiple options – below and above ground – before making a final decision.