Creating a Campus Presence

Employers are continuously striving to reach out and increase their visibility and strengthen their company brand on campus. If you are interested in any of the following outreach programs or would like to discuss other ideas, contact one of our Career and Employment Services.

Employer Outreach Programs:

Offer Internships
There is nothing better than word-of-mouth promotion of an organization. Internships can provide students with invaluable “real-world” experience. Interns can also serve as on-campus ambassadors to promote the organization when they return to school.

Conduct Company Presentations and Information Sessions
Many organizations plan a preparatory session the night before the interview day or career fair. This session provides interviewees and other attendees with an overview and background of the company. This allows the interview time to be more focused on the candidates. The pre-presentation can be scheduled along with the on-campus interview date or prior to the career fair.

Serve as a Job Shadowing Site
It is very beneficial for students to have an opportunity to spend some time shadowing a professional in various fields. This provides the student with an overview of what various professions are like.

Conduct Class/Student Group Presentations
Employers can present on various topics in an actual class, providing students with expertise in a specific subject area as well as showcasing the organization. It is important to allow sufficient lead-time when planning this strategy so that faculty can integrate the speaker(s) and topic into their class syllabi.

Connect with Faculty
Employers can provide case studies from their organization for courses. Faculty can also assist with conducting research or special projects for the organizations.