Welcome Employers

Welcome to the Career and Employment Services. We are pleased that you have selected Amarillo College for your recruiting needs. We take pride in the number of outstanding employers that work with our campus and even greater pride in our outstanding students.

Posting Jobs and Internships

Posting your part-time, full-time, and internship positions is easy. We have a wonderful job posting site that is easy to use and your positions will be viewable by all AC students and alumni.


Hiring Interns

Internships are great opportunities for students to gain career-related work experience.



Hiring Student Workers

Employing student workers can be a win-win situation for a student, as well as for the Amarillo College department. 

** Amarillo College Departments ONLY **




On-Campus Recruiting

We would love to have you visit our campus to conduct your on-campus interviews.



Creating a Campus Presence

Employers are continuously striving to reach out and increase their visibility and strengthen their company brand on campus.




Ethics and Principles

In our work with students at Amarillo College, we focus on ethics and personal responsibility. We emphasize that students should communicate honestly and professionally, should honor their word and refrain from reneging once accepting a job, and should engage in professional behavior at all times. We expect no less from employers.


Academic Programs at Amarillo College

Amarillo College works hard to bring you high-quality academic and technical programs, plus hundreds of continuing education and personal enrichment opportunities.



If you have any questions, contact our office at (806) 371-5147 or employmentservices@actx.edu.