Ethics and Principles

In our work with students at Amarillo College, we focus on ethics and personal responsibility. We emphasize that students should communicate honestly and professionally, should honor their word and refrain from reneging once accepting a job, and should engage in professional behavior at all times. We expect no less from employers.

Recruiters must treat all information on student resumes as confidential and for use only in the hiring process within the organization. All interviewers should be trained to ask only those interview questions which are legal, ethical, and appropriate. Background screening of candidates should be appropriate for the position and candidates must be fully informed. Employers should not continue to recruit students who have accepted offers from other employers, but should honor the student’s employment decisions. We ask and expect that all employers will abide by the Principles for Professional Conduct (NACE)

Finally, we ask and expect third-party recruiters to abide by the NACE guidelines for Principles for Third-Party Recruiters.