MyPlan (Career Assessments)

Career Assessments

Whether you are coming to college for the first time, or coming back for your 10th time, it is important to pursue a job/career that "fits". To discover the best jobs/careers for you, it is important for you first to identify your skills, interests, personality and work-related values. We offer the MyPlan career assessment and interpretation at no charge to AC prospective students, current students and alumni.

While not required, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a Career Services professional to go over your results with you.

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Instructions for MyPlan

Step One

  • Go to
  • Click on the Assessments tab
  • Go to New Users and establish an account.
  • Please write down your user ID and password so that we can access the site together.
  • On the second page of the registration, you will be asked to enter the license code: JVSKEVC6
  • At a minimum take: personality test and interests assessment.
  • For more complete information, take the career values assessment and skills profiler as well.

Step Two

  • Set up an appointment to discuss your results. Call Career and Employment Services at (806) 371-5147 or email us
    We look forward to working with you!

Step Three

Step Four

No time to come in for an interpretation? Check out these Videos!

Career Guidance - Session 1



Career Guidance - Session 2

Career Guidance - Session 2