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General Presentation Topics

Choosing a major
College is full of choices, not the least of which is finding the major that fits your goals and interests. This workshop introduces you to a variety of resources designed to help you explore your interests and develop a plan to explore your academic and career options.

Developing a Career Plan
Not sure what you want to do? Uncertain about what you have to offer? Take this session to help clarify your thoughts and engage in personal reflection. This session will help you organize random thoughts and ideas into a solid strategy to help you navigate your career decisions and interviews successfully.

Dressing for Your Career
Professional.  Business casual.  Casual.  Campus casual.  With all of the words to describe attire it should be easier to figure out what to wear.  This workshop provides basic rules for career dressing for interviews to site visits to the first day on the job.  Pick up practical tips on how to build a professional wardrobe.  Can be customized for men, women or both.

Evaluating Job Offers
And you thought you were done with finals!  Negotiating the ins and outs of complex job offers can put you to the test.  Learn how to make good decisions about signing bonuses, benefits, 401Ks, relocation costs, and cost of living differentials.

Finding Internships and Career-Related Experience in College
Everyone wants you to have experience, but where do you start?  Learn what internships are and how to find them.  Explore other ways you can gain experience to forward your career before you graduate.

How to Build Career-Related Contacts
You may have heard the old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  This workshop covers some basic strategies for networking and building relationships that can help you both professionally and personally.

Job Search Strategies
Gotta get a job?  This workshop outlines the fundamentals of successful job campaigns from start to finish.  Learn how to target your job search effectively and the latest tips to give you the competitive edge.

Internet Career Tools
The Internet is a powerful job search tool, but try finding the right and then the right keyword to find what you want!  Explore some of the best job sites around and learn how to conduct effective job campaigns using all the Internet has to offer.

Employers are using a variety of interviewing techniques to assess job candidates.  Learn how to excel in all kinds of interview formats from phone interviews to group exercises to site visits.  This workshop can be offered at a variety of levels and be focused on specific interview formats upon request.

MyPlan (Career Assessment)
Career Services at the Student Services Building offers several different career assessments to help a student examine, understand and talk about how his/her interests, personality, values, and skills combine to make him/her who he/she is. While these assessments will not tell a student what major or career is best for him/her, the results can guide him/her toward careers he/she may wish to explore further. For more information, please see our assessment information page. Our staff is available to provide interpretation workshops for academic classes and student groups. If possible, have the students complete their MyPlan at least one week before we come to present to your classroom.

Professional & Job Search Correspondence
Cover letters, follow up letters, thank you letters, acceptance letters, networking communication,developing effective correspondence and communication strategies is a valuable tool for any professional endeavor.  Use this session to develop networking/follow up plans.

Researching Employers and Career-Related Information
Successful career decisions depend on your knowledge of potential employers and market trends.  Learn how to find the recruiting and employment trends in various industries.  What’s a reasonable salary offer?  How do you evaluate an employer?  What kinds of questions should you ask an employer?

Resume Development
As career and employment trends change, so must the tools you use to communicate your talents and skills. Learn current techniques to write effective resumes to reach your employment goals.