Student Friendly Employers


Student Friendly Employers are employers that partner with AC's Culture of Caring to consider hiring  our Amarillo College students. 


Employers looking to hire...

As a Student Friendly Employer, you will receive:

1) Exclusive access to our job board, College Central Network, where you can search student resumes and find quality candidates. 

2) Exclusive marketing on our website driving an influx of student applications.

3) AC certificate and sticker to verify that you are a Student Friendly Employer.

To become a Student Friendly Employer, these are the necessary steps: 

1) Read this agreement, sign and submit it to Career and Employment Services at employment

Download: Student Friendly Employer Agreement

2) Send Current Logo to

3) Start hiring AWESOME AC students!


Students looking for a job...

As a Student, if you work for a Student Friendly Employer you will receive: 

1) Understanding from an employer that you are in school and that academics is your primary concern.

2) Employers who do thier best to work with your class schedule to accommodate your schooling.

3) A company that cares for you and for your academic growth and achievement!

As a Student, if you work for a student friendly employer you will be expected to: 

1) Be an excellent representative of Amarillo College by abiding by our values of WOW, Innovation, Family, Fun and YES!

2) Manage your work time and school time to accomplish both tasks efficiently.

3) Follow your Student Friendly Employer's code of conduct and professional standards. 


These are the employers that have already registered as a Student Friendly Employer!


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