Our Mission and Vision


The purpose of the Amarillo College Counseling Center is to help students to identify and deal more effectively with their psychological, behavioral, interpersonal and situational difficulties.
We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all students. The counseling center staff is responsible for coordinating on-campus counseling services to all students.


To create an environment that fosters student growth, development, and psychological well-being through direct clinical service, education, and prevention. The counseling center achieves excellence through a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive psychological services and mental health training. We are dedicated to human rights and equality, promoting respect for individual and cultural differences.


The counseling center is committed to excellence and believes in the value of the whole student. We strive to be student centered and to remove barriers to student success.  We embrace innovative clinical services, training of emerging mental health professionals, and research based clinical practice. The counseling center endeavors to create a diverse and multidisciplinary staff that values different perspectives and professional views. We aspire to develop a collegial, collaborative, communal environment that supports, values, and encourages both personal and professional development of staff.