Dental Hygiene

Goals of the Dental Hygiene Program

The mission of the Amarillo College Dental Hygiene Program is to provide quality technical education leading students toward the profession of Dental Hygiene and to enhance the quality of life in our community through the direct provision of dental hygiene services including patient education, disease prevention and therapeutic intervention to patients of all walks of life.  This mission is accomplished by partnering with students to achieve academic excellence, participate in community service, and offer comprehensive client care, utilizing critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making skills.

The mission and goals of the Dental Hygiene Program are closely related to Amarillo College's mission and goals of education and community involvement to enhance the quality of life for the diverse population in the service area.  The educational goals of the Amarillo College Dental Hygiene Program are based on creating a partnership with students in order to assist them in achieving academic excellence.  The following goals are measured and evaluated to help assure the program is achieving its mission:

Goal 1 - To comprehensively prepare competent individuals in the discipline and to graduate students who demonstrate entry-level dental hygiene practitioner skills through academic and clinical instruction.

Goal 2 - To graduate students who serve as a valuable resource for quality, comprehensive, patient-centered dental hygiene treatment to the community.

Goal 3 - To graduate students who apply critical thinking in the health care setting.

Goal 4 - To graduate students who are evaluated as having met the No Excuses mission of the institution by demonstrating internal and external success.

Goal 5 - To graduate students who contribute actively to the profession through professional involvement and continued education.

To present yourself as the strongest candidate possible, please carefully read all the information provided. Give close attention to details and deadline dates. It is the student’s responsibility to make application each year to the Dental Hygiene Program.

If you should have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Donna Cleere, RDH, M.Ed./Professor/Program Director at (806)354-6064 or by e-mail at 

Students may also contact Javier Herrera, Health Sciences Advisor at (806)354-6007 or by e-mail at