Enrollment Requirements

Fire Protection Technology
Credentials Offered:

  • FIRS.CERT-Basic Fire Academy

Testing Requirements
Scores indicating that no developmental coursework is needed:   TSI

  • Math350 or higher
  • Reading 351 or higher
  • Writing 363 or higher withTSIE 4

Since the selection process is so strict, students who are not college level are encouraged to take developmental classes and then apply for the Academy the next year.

Instructor Approvals:

  • Students must have instructor approval to enroll in any Firefighter certification classes. To gain this approval students wishing to declare FIRS.CERT (Fire Academy) must complete an application which is due by June 1, 2021 for our Night Academy beginning in Fall 2020, applications for Day Academy beginning in Spring 2021 are due by November 1, 2020. Students also take a physical agility test. You will need to complete the TSI and be at college level in reading, writing and math. The FIRS.AAS is reserved for students who have already gone through the Fire Academy and have been active firefighters and have the desire to go up in rank within the Fire Department.

Physical Limitations for students

  • Students must be in excellent physical condition. A physical agility test is administered and many of the students that make it have times under 5 minutes. Students will be climbing, carrying, running, and responding to intense situations so they must be in the best of health and physical condition. Once the deadline for the aplication has hit, Chelsea will contact you by phone and email for the date of the agility test. You must show up and do the agility test to be considered for a spot in the academy. We will conduct interviews for all of those who attend the agility test and it will be determined from there if you are accepted into the academy.

 Prior to enrolling students should:

  • Apply to Amarillo College
  • Complete FAFSA (if desired)
  • Get Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine (if under 30 years of age)
  • Take the TSI
  • Speak with Rodney Sharp or Claudia Arnold

During First Semester students should:

  • Complete New Student Orientation
  • Meet with Disability Services (if desired)
  • Meet with VA office (if desired)


  • Students must complete 15 hours of their program here in order to graduate from Amarillo College with a FIRS.AAS.