About Us


Amarillo College Student Money Management Center’s mission is to provide quality resources, programming, and compassionate support needed to educate and empower our students and alumni to achieve life-long financial literacy and money management success. 


To achieve our mission, our goal is to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of our students, alumni, and community members where they are in the financial literacy and money management process. This includes

  • Helping students understand key personal financial concepts
  • Encouraging student retention and degree completion
  • Facilitating career readiness
  • Lowering overall student debt levels, and
  • Student loan default prevention


To meet these goals we offer classroom presentations, workshops, and individual appointments to help students, alumni, and community members navigate through the challenges of financial independence including

  • Creating and Managing a Budget
  • Establishing Credit and Using Credit Wisely
  • Saving Money
  • Paying Back Loans
  • Ways to Protect Your Identity
  • Managing Expenses Before, During, and After College