Student Money Management Workshops

Budgeting 1: Spending Plans

Meeting Goals the Simple Way discusses strategic thinking as it relates to income and expenses. The module includes information on reducing spending, and planning ahead not only for monthly bills, but also for sometimes forgotten things like regular savings and expenses that aren’t part of each month’s budget, such as a quarterly car insurance payment.

Budgeting 2: Monitoring Spending

Keeping It Real provides an overview of how spending plans can be adjusted to stay in step with
financial circumstances as they really exist. The module includes information on avoiding fees, as well as tools and systems to keep accurate track of where money goes each month.

Credit Basics

How Money Works shows how borrowers can use future income to make large purchase, such as an education or a house. The module also explores how lenders make money, the cost of borrowing, and tips for maintaining creditworthiness.

Managing Credit

Priorities and Pitfalls covers the ways credit affects many parts of your life, what you need to know about your credit report and credit score, and some standard guidelines for keeping your credit in good shape, including how to avoid identity theft.

Bank On Amarillo (BOA)

Make Your Money Count – Opening a bank account and receiving financial education are the first steps to financial security. Bank On Amarillo partners will help you open an account, even with a troubled banking history. Today, everyone has an opportunity to get started on the road to financial security with Bank On Amarillo!

  • Attendance required for financial education classes: Three sessions - 90 minutes each
  • Benefit Bank of Texas screening to see if you qualify for state or federal aid
  • Must present certificate of completion to a participating bank
  • Open a checking or savings account
  • Eligible for direct deposit
  • Can open account with $25 or more
  • No checks, card only
  • No overdraft protection
  • 6-month trial period to change
  • Participating banks offer second-chance accounts for those with poor credit

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