MCC Testing Center

Testing Center General Policies:

  • For Department tests:  Full exam time as designated by instructor must be given. WE CANNOT BEGIN A TEST WITHOUT ADEQUATE TIME REMAINING BEFORE CLOSING.
  • No cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronic devices are permitted in testing rooms at any time. These items can be left at the front desk.
  • No one may accompany a tester into a testing room at any time. This includes children, friends, spouses, etc. 
  • The only materials allowed in the testing rooms are those outlined by each exam sponsor, instructor or as provided by the testing center.

*Exceptions may be made for students with accommodations approved through Disability Services.


1220 E. 1st Street, Room 109
Dumas, Texas 79029


Monday & Thursday  3:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday  9:30 am to 1:30 pm

*SUMMER HOURS are posted on campus, or student may call (806) 934-7220 to check on availability.

  Individual appointments can be scheduled by calling the Front Desk at Moore County Campus at (806) 934-7220.

*Please check with the front desk to complete MAPS before taking the actual TSI.
*TSI test must be started TWO HOURS before test center closing time.
*A current (Non-expired), government issued photo I.D. must be presented at the time of the test.

TSI Testing Fees:

  • Math - $15.00
  • ELAR - $15.00
  • Both - $30.00

Testing Specialist Administers:

  • TSI tests
  • Instructor exams as requested by an instructor
  • Exams proctored for other universities $30.00
  • GED testing

During times when the Testing Center is not staffed, Learning Center staff may administer instructor tests for students, pending availability.

GED Testing

For Dates or Information: Call (806) 934-7256 or (806) 935-7220

Requirements to complete GED Testing:

  1. If age 16, you must be court-ordered, have a completed parental permission form (unless an emancipated minor), and have a completed school withdrawal form.
  2. If age 17, you must have a completed parental permission form and a completed school withdrawal form.
  3. Anyone, age 18 or older is permitted to take the GED test.
  4. You must provide a copy of an official form of picture identification and copy of your social security card (if you have one) to Amarillo College Learning Center staff prior to the GED testing date.
  5. On the day of the GED testing, you must bring a valid Texas Picture ID and your social security card.
NOTE: All GED testing in the state of Texas is now done on the computer. There is no longer a paper and pencil version.

Instructions: Access to create an account and register for the GED tests. There are four tests: Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. Each test costs $36.25 and must be paid for at by credit card.


Earlene Laminack

Testing Specialist - Dumas

Contact: (806) 934-7256

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