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Program outcomes are indicators that are used to assess and evaluate whether graduates meet established measures of program effectiveness. Program outcomes reflect the mission of the nursing program and are used to inform program decision-making for program improvement. The program outcomes used by the ADN Program include graduate performance on the registered nurse (RN) licensure exam, program completion rates, program satisfaction measures and job placement rates.


NCLEX-RN Pass Rates

The licensure exam that ADN Program graduates must successfully complete for RN licensure is the NCLEX-RN Exam.

The ADN NCLEX-RN pass rates:


2016: 95.15%

2017: 92.31%

2018: 96.49%

2019: 95.65%

2020:  93.28%


Program Completion Rates

Program completion (graduation) outcomes vary by program option. Students in the Traditional Program Option are expected to complete the program within 36 months after admission to the program.

ADN Program completion rates by year of graduation dates.


2017  -  52.28%

2018  -  71.25%

2019  -  72.91%



If you have questions about program outcomes or would like to make a comment about the performance of ADN Program graduates, please contact the ADN Program Office at 806-354-6010 or