Use of College Vehicles

Request for Use of a College Vehicle

        Those who drive AC vehicles must be screened for insurance purposes.
        The name(s) of your driver(s) must be supplied, far enough in advance, to
        Cynthia Terry at the Physical Plant to assure screening.

I. Contact the Physical Plant General Services Office, by email, to request a vehicle. Provide the departure and return dates, times, name(s) of the driver(s), GL Account, and vehicle preference.

II. It is understood that the individual driving the college vehicle must be an employee of Amarillo College as stated in the Board Policy Manual. Under no circumstances, will a student or student employee be allowed to drive a college vehicle.

a. The driver will pick up the vehicle at the Washington Street Campus, Physical Plant at the Facilities Management Center on the date of departure. Unless other arrangements are made.

b. Employee utilizing the vehicle will complete the mileage form provided by the Physical Plant, listing the beginning and ending mileage. This mileage form must be returned with the binder. The vehicle will be returned to the Physical Plant upon the trip completion.    

c. Employee will be provided with a fuel card for gas and must turn-in all gas receipts to the Physical Plant and must fill the vehicle with fuel upon return.  Also, all vehicles must be returned with all trash removed from the vehicle.  If the vehicle is returned with trash and/or food in it, the vehicle will be taken to be cleaned at the department's expense.

d. In the event that the scheduled vehicle is returned after 5:00 p.m. or on a weekend, vehicles must be returned to the Physical Plant laydown yard. On such an occasion, the keys, binder, and gate operator will be placed in the return slot located at the main entry doors of the Facilities Management Center. Vehicles are NOT to be driven home over night or parked elsewhere on campus.

e. If your departure time is before 8:00 a.m. or on a weekend, it will be necessary for you to pick up vehicle keys and binder from the Physical Plant on the business day before travel begins during business hours.

f. Vehicles are not to be driven on unpaved surfaces. Any damage to a vehicle resulting from poor judgment or from being driven on unpaved surfaces could result in the Department driving the vehicle responsible for the necessary repairs.    

g. College vehicles are college property; therefore, all College vehicles are Non-Smoking.     

h. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

IV. Should anyone experience mechanical trouble and need roadside assistance, the Physical Plant should be notified. The binder that is provided by the Physical Plant holds emergency information and phone numbers.

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